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Happy New Year!!
January 16, 2015
Happy New Year!!!

Good Afternoon,
Day 15 of 2015 and such a beautiful day.
I am so excited on the possibilities of things 
to happen for me this year. A lot of new jobs,
new photographers to shoot with, along with
new posters and t-shirts you all will love.

Well I just got back from my first trip of the
new year and it was amazing. I was in the
Bahamas and it was paradise. So beautiful
there and I loved where I stayed, the beach
was my favorite place to be. lol The view from 
my room was so breath taking I wanted to stay 
there forever.  Food was amazing too.
The Conch fritters was to die for and the Ceviche
was delicious, still can't stop thinking how good it was.
It was fun being there with my girls and enjoying time 
with them in the Bahamas

Now it's time to get back to work. I have a new clothing
store coming soon. You can purchase some of my
amazing dresses and other items that you have seen me in.
There will be many dresses to choose from, all the sizes
will be smalls but has my store grows, I will add sizes to them.
The name for my store is picked out already, it has my name lol
Jessica Canizales VIP Boutique, see it's perfect right? lol
I will let you know when it's up, I will post link on twitter, facebook,
and instagram so you can check it out. 

New Items To T-shirt Store Soon!!
Also I have coming soon sports bras and t-shirts for you ladies.
I'm excited about this because, this is my own personal styles and
sayings for these items. Though the sports bras will only be in white,
I will still design them up a little to make each one to be different 
in their own way. T-shirts will be from a short crop to a loose crop style.
They will be ready in the next 2 weeks for purchasing. 

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Well happy for this new year and I hope you all are excited for it too.
May all your dreams come true in 2015 and you are able to smile more.
I want to thank you all for continuing to support and follow me in my career.

Love you all
Jessica Xoxo
Happy Holidays!!
December 30, 2014

Hi Everyone!!
Happy Holidays To You and Your Families!!!
Hope you all had a good Christmas and are 
getting ready for the New Year!!

It's been a long wonderful year for me.
So many amazing things have happen.
First let me mention that I became a new 
auntie to a beautiful and handsome nephew. 
So happy to be an auntie I will spoiled him.

First year back in Miami and things have been good.
Reflecting back on 2014 I have done a few fitness expos,
been published in a few magazines, and worked a 
Fantasy Football Draft Party that was a lot of fun.
I even worked a Animal Charity in Canada that I really enjoyed.

Also I've put out a few posters and my best Calendar yet!!
If any of you haven't purchase my 2015 Calendar then you
can order one here. I have a few Holiday Specials for you.

Now for my site I have a few new sets coming soon.
A few fitness style ones, some hot pool ones and some 
sexy hot on the beach ones. There will be a few new videos 
as well coming soon. I know you will enjoy them also.
I also in 2015 will be shooting with new and fresh photographers
to create some new ideas for my photo sets.

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Now for my travels, I have been to some of my favorite places
this year and I loved every minute of it. New York, Vegas, London
and my heart Brazil with family. I love my time in Brazil being with
my family. I always heart these moments with them. It was a wonderful
thing to be there in December. What a way to end the year!!

Well I have to go but before I do.
I want to thank all of my fans for another 
wonderful year of supporting me. 
I love all of my fans, you all are amazing!!

Have A Happy New Year!!!
Jessica XOXO
June 7, 2014
Hello Everyone!!
I know it's been a minute since I've spoken to you,
but I have been so busy with work and family.
Did you guys miss me like I've missed you? I'm sure
you have, cause I've have you guy on my mind always.

Well since I was away I have been shooting like crazy.
I shot with the Amazing Ohrangutang along with the
Great Justin Price for Babemethod Magazine check
my feature if you haven't seen it yet. I have been also
starting to begin putting together the ideas for my new
2015 Calendar for you guys as well. Picking out bikinis
and lingerie with a few other surprises too. I also have new
t-shirts coming out, that I am very excited about. There are
also some new sets coming to my site soon also.

Well who's excited about The World Cup? I know I am
can't wait to watch all the games. Wish I was there in
my home country Brazil but I will be working, but still
routing for #TeamBrazil ... Hope you guys enjoy it as well.

Now next weekend I will be in New York for 3 days working
the Universal Fitness Expo at Nassau Coliseum on the 14th & 15th
Working the Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie Booth. 

You can get tickets here and come out to see me

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum 
1255 Hempstead Turnpike Long Island, NY 11553 
Phone: (516) 794-9300  

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Well I have to get ready and start my day now
so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Kindness is a two way street 
so if you want people to be kind to you
then make sure you are kind to others

Jessica C VIP Xoxo
Orlando Bound - Europa
April 10, 2014

Hello Everyone
I am getting ready for Europa in Orlando for the fitness show there.
If you're in Orlando come to the Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie Booth.
I will be there on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th hope to see you.

Don't know if you had the chance to see any of my new photos I have
been posting, but I have shot this month with some amazing photographers.
Thank you angrymoondotnet, CW photography, Angelo Lumas, and Ohrangutang 
for the exciting and amazing shoots this month. Please check out my twitter,
 instagram, or facebook pages to see there wonderful work...
 I'm so happy and I know you all will love them too. I have one or 2 more shoots
 coming this month and I am so excited for those too. For those of you that have
 seen some of my new photos thank you for all of your kind words.
 I love you guys and girls for the support you give me every day. 
Stay tune because more is coming for you..

Also I just wanted to mention after 6 years of not doing any of them,
I won a bikini contest this past weekend. It was so exciting for me..

I have a new set going up later today, Jessica Beauty Forever on my site.
I love this set and happy to share it with you. There are 5 more new sets
that are coming for this month. Like Wild Leo, and Jess the Beach Bunny,
just to name a few of the new sets for my site.

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Ok everyone I have to go so I can be in Orlando.
Again Thank you all for everything..

Don't do something for someone because you want something back.
Do it because it comes from your heart or don't do it at all..

Love ya guys
Jessica Xoxo

It's Spring
March 29, 2014

Well it's spring , so you know that only means summer is 
around the corner yes and so much work and fun about to happen.
Sorry I haven't talk to you guys in awhile, I have been working and traveling.
Where have I been you ask? London and then New York!! Exciting photos
from some of my photo shoots I can't wait to show you...

London was great , I always love going there. Love the places, people,
and the food. Had a good time with friends for girls night out. 
Went to electrichouse #sohohouse and it was so much fun. Only the time 
difference there was making me crazy lol A girl needs her sleep sometimes lol

New York was a lot of fun too, though it was so cold on a few days..
Got to visit family and a few friends. Did a photo shoot with the Amazing
AngryMoondotNet and I love my photos we shot together.. 

Miami back home nothing but sunshine lol I also did 2 photo shoots which
you guy are going to love when they go on my site. I first shot with 
great CW Photography and the photos are super sexy lol You all are going to
like my new sets from him. A lot of lingerie we shot from this shoot.
Then I shot with the Outstanding Angelo Lumas. 5am beach shoot we did.
The shoot was so much fun, I had a blast doing this shoot... You can see
a few of the previews on my twitter or instagram pages. 

For those of you that are into fitness shows I will be in Orlando for the 
Fitness show Europa  April 11th-12th at the Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies Booth.
I am the Official Model for Lenny and Larry's, so make sure you come by to see me.   

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Keep checking me out for I have so much more coming up in April.
Love you all and I wish you a wondeerful weekend

Jessica Xoxo
Excited For The Week
February 17, 2014

It's a great week ahead of me.
First how was everyone's Valentine's Day?
Mines was good lots of flowers. Also thank
you for all of the wonderful Valentine's Day wishes!!

Last week I had a good time working the AC Food Expo.
Met a lot of wonderful people there. Also having a lot of 
fun this week at the boat show, for I love the Miami weather 
and these wonder boats. I have a big shoot with Miami 
photographer Montoya. There's so Hot Hot photos coming soon 
you guys. You'll see some of my Hottest bikinis from this shoot,
along with very sexy lingerie that I love to wear.

Also I have a few fitness show I will be doing with
Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownies coming up too.
I will keep you posted on the dates for each show.
A new set is also coming soon call BomBom Brazilian
I shot this with the wonderful GeaImages and the bikini
I pick up from my trip to Brazil.

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Well time for my Flywheel class.
Hope all of you have a wonderful week

Stay beautiful not only on the outside,
but beautiful on the inside also

Jessica C 

Super Bowl Weekend
February 1, 2014

Yes Super Bowl Weekend!!
It's So exciting because I love football,
and also the Broncos my team playing in it.
Hope you all get to watch the game and enjoy it.

Well I have an amazing time at the Fit Expo in LA.
The Lenny & Larry's booth was insane with people
sampling the brownies and complete cookies.
Saturday and Sunday was non stop fun.

On Monday I did a photo shoot out on the beach.
I saw some animals I never seen in my life lol
Had a great time and then I was on to my Universal meeting.
It was a great meeting and I took a tour around the studio too.
From Universal I was on my way to a TV show taping.
That was a lot of fun, I will keep you guys posted when 
it's coming on so you can see me.

Now I'm back in Miami, getting ready for work next weekend.
Big Restaurant Trade show here that I'm working. First I'm
spending time with my family and my dogs. Also putting up
new sets on my site. Sorry for the delay in things but work
has been keeping me so busy. Traveling out of town a lot going
everywhere has been fun. Now it's to have you guys smiling with
a few new things I have for my store. Please keep commenting
with all your kind words, I love hearing from my fans

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On my way to another great work out.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl
and Go Broncos!! 

Always spend time with 
the ones you love.
Those moments are special 
and last in your heart forever 

Jessica C Xoxo
Back To LA
January 18, 2014

Going Back To Cali Cali!!

Hello all my friends, how have you all been?
Good I hope and that 2014 is going well for you all also.
As for me work is coming in and starting to get more busy 
so fast already lol  This is what brings me back to LA.
It's been 4 months since I moved back to Miami from LA,
and the time has moved by so fast. In LA I am doing The Fit Expo,
for Lenny & Larry's Muscle Brownie
If you come to the Fit Expo come by the booth and say hi.
I will have some delicious healthy samples of brownies 
and cookies for you. I also will be doing a bikini photo shoot
in Delray so I will have more sexy photos coming soon for the site.
So it's work all weekend, but going to try and sneak in some fun don't
tell on me if you see me out lol

Now for my football fans it's time for NFL Championship Games!!
Who do you have? I am picking 49ers over Seattle but my Manager
is picking Seattle lol We'll see!! Now my team is the Broncos so
you know I am going with them, sorry my Patriot fans.. Love you!!
Hope you all enjoy and please be safe if you go out to watch games..

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Well time for me to get back to my working out.
Got to make sure all of my curves are right for Fit Expo!!
Take Care Everyone and Enjoy your day!!

Treat those the way you want to be treated.
Don't be afraid to smile it may makes someone's day

Jessica C Xoxo

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!
How was everyone Holidays?
Did you all have a good Xmas and New Year Eve?
Christmas was great I spent it in New York with
my family and eat so much. I did go to the gym
everyday though lol Yes even when I travel I do
always get my workouts. It was nice to be in NY!!

For NYE!! I rang in the new year with my girlsfriends.
It was the best NYE ever!! So much fun and good
to see all of them, since being back in Miami!!
Do you guys love the dress I wore for NYE?

Well for the New Year I have a lot of exciting things!!
First you can still get my 2014 Jessica Canizales Calendar!!

Next I have a Big shoot coming up in New York soon.
So excited about doing this shoot. It's going to be a
lot of fun with some exciting outfits. Can't wait for you
guys to see some of the things from this shoot. Also
I have a restaurant trade show in Miami coming up.
I will be shooting this year with Curve Ent too. They
have a few scenes for me to shoot with them that's Hot!!

There will be new items coming to my store also. It's been
a little crazy but finally a few women t-shirts are coming.
I wanted them to be sexy and also me so I waited to do them.
Along with new posters and 8x10's for you all to purchase.

There will be a new website banner I will be unveiling soon.
Wanted to get a new look for the homepage so please be
patience I promise you will love it. Along with all the new
photos sets coming to the site soon. More Me in Hot bikinis.
I also will  promise to do more lingerie for everyone this year.
This will be a Sexy Jessica for 2014!! I know you will enjoy.
If you would like to book me for an photoshoot, event or trade show
please email 

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Ok well I wish you all great success and lots of love
for the new year. Make 2014 your best one yet. 

Jessica C.

Happy Holidays!!
December 17, 2013
Happy Holidays!!
Hello to all of my fans, I am so excited for this
is one of my favorite times of year Christmas Time!!
I know I hasn't been writing for a while but I been so
busy with my family and friends for the Holidays.
Plus my manager has been keeping busy with work.
New T-shirts to decide on along with posters. There
will be a winter hoodie for my cold weather fans to
have me stay warm with them soon don't worry. lol

So much has happen since we've last talked. Where
should we start? Hmmm, well I went to a few football
games since then. Both happen to be Patriots games,
one was against my Broncos and the other was against
the Dolphins I enjoyed it so much. I spent Thanksgiving
with my family and ate so much the next day went straight
to the gym to work it all off lol. Now after Thanksgiving I
had to get right back to work. I put together a Happy Holiday
T-shirt the photo was from Geaimages. Hope you all like it.

Photo: New Happy Holidays T-Shirt!!
You can order yours here

I added another one called Xxotic Jessica which is available
in black or white only. 

Photo: Also Another New T-Shirt Xxotic Jessica!!
Hurry and Get Yours Now!!

There will be more on the way soon.
Been in a couple of meetings for new things in 2014 and I
know you all will love it so stay tune. There are also new sets
on the way to my site. Hot and Sexy photos you all will enjoy.
They should be up before the week is over. I also have a New
Video showing behind the scenes of my 2014 Calendar shoot.
It's on my Youtube Channel JessicaCanizalesVIP 

Please make sure you all follow on twitter
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Well I am now doing a few errands getting ready for the Christmas
next week and I hope all of you are doing the same. I'm spending
time with my family and am enjoying every minute of it.

I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you
and also thank everyone for the support you've given.

Remember to give from your heart 
that's what this season is about.
Be warm and friendly even share
a smile for it might be someone's
best Christmas present ever!!

Merry Chirstmas!!
Jessica Xoxo  
Good Afternoon Miami And Rest Of The World
November 20, 2013
Good Afternoon Miami
And The Rest Of The World!!

Well a lot has gone on since we last talked..
I have been a busy little bee lol Hope all of
you have been doing good and behaving yourselves.
About me you ask? I have been working hard on
new shoots for the site, doing some filming for new 
videos for the site. My 2014 Jessica Canizales Calendar.
New T-shirts and Posters which you all will love.
I also went to a Drake concert which was the best concert
ever, Drake Own It!! lol Did a Speed Boat Poker run. I love
speed boats and how fast they are. lol  So you see I am trying
to have my site full of goodies for you guys to enjoy. I also
have a new instagram everyone @JessicaCanizalesVIP follow me

I have a few new sets going up soon, like Jessica is Treasure
and a video for that coming soon too. I also have 2 other sets
soon, one from photographer Shannon Jankula who is amazing!!
She also shot the front and back cover of my calendar. You can
now purchase my 2014 Jessica Calendar from my store today.

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and also my new Instagram
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Jessica Canizales Treasure

Well I just finished spinning class. I have to keep
this body looking good for all of you. Now time
for something to eat. I enjoy the sweet and kind 
compliments from you all. Thank You!!

It's not about who is real to your face.
It's about who stays real behind your back.

Jessica Xoxo
My Busy Week
October 12, 2013
Busy Week

Hello guys are you ready for the weekend like I am?
It's been a busy week for me, with just a little fun. lol
Looking through many photos for my 2014 Calendar,
which you guys are going to love when you see them.
Meetings with a few companies who want to hire me
for the products. Excited about doing a fashion show
and magazine shoot in Puerto Rico. I love traveling to
great and amazing to places to work. Also my feature
with Kandy Magazine is out. Those hot photos are by 
photographer Gea Images.

Now I did mention I had a little fun also. I went to a pool party
with friends. Laid out on the beach with my girls. Did a weekend
trip for a little relax time. Spent time with my family eating a
few good home cook meals. Had a few great workouts this week.
Yes it's good to be back in Miami.

My new t-shirts are coming out soon, along with a few new posters.
There's a new photo set up called Jessica Beauty All Over.
I also have Jessica Ms Gorgeous set up too. Coming soon are my sets
Beach Beauty Jess and Beach Body Jess. There's a new online interview
up I did for Beauty News!! Here's the link to check it out to get to know me.

You all know it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! So I am going to be
 doing a few things to donate to it. I am having a t-shirt done where you 
all can order and part of the money will be donated to Breast Cancer. 
I also am selling this Pink Bikini from a bikini contest I did and part of 
the money from it will be donated also. Along with the purchase of this 
bikini I will autograph this photo of me wearing the bikini. 

Starting bid on this bikini is $600 for it. 
You can email me your bid at 
Highest bidder will be notified where to send money if they win. 
Money will be collected through my Paypal.

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Alright everyone thank you for all of the kind compliments
Keep safe and have an amazing weekend.

Now Remember:
No matter how good or bad you think life is,
wake up each day and be thankful for life.
Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

Jessica Xoxo

I Love LA
September 13, 2013
Good Afternoon LA

Well I hope you are enjoying your day like I am.
I just got finished with an exciting shoot with Gea Images
on the beach with bikinis by Heiress Swimwear!!
Love all of her bikinis Thanks Nicole!! I went to an exciting
lunch event for Kandy Magazine. I will be appearing in their
magazine soon can't wait for you to see it. Photos are also by
Gea Images and I know you all will love them. The dress I
wore to this event was made for me by @debbiecarrolldesigns

Coming up next is my Calendar shoot this weekend
with Shannon Jankula of Jankula Images. There are
some exciting outfits that you all will love for this new
Calendar of mines. From #Heiressswimwear #theMermaidlife 
and also #SunGoddessswimwear that are Hot!!
Then I will be back to Miami. I will let all of you know 
when the 805 Waverunner ad comes out and post it 
also for you to see.

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I want to say I am going to miss you LA.
I will be back and forth for work. It's been fun
for 4 years, but Miami keeps calling my name.

Honesty is an expensive gift
don't expect it from cheap people

Jessica Xoxo
Bienvenido a Miami
August 28, 2013
Hello Miami,
Coming to see family and friends.
Some home cooked meals and of 
course wearing my bikini at the pool 
or beach. I get to visit some of my 
favorite places that I enjoy going to. 
See some of my girlfriends that I haven't 
seen for awhile also. I love Miami!!

Well I just finished shooting a waverunner
campaign for #805Waverunnerrentals
It was so much fun I have a bts pic but,
I can't wait for you guys to see the Ad. 

Also I am getting ready to shoot my very
New 2014 Calendar with Celeb Photographer
Shannon Jankula of Jankula Images.
I have some exciting lingerie & swimwear 
from some of the most exciting designers
#Heiressswimwear #Mermaidlife and also
#SunGoddessswimwear all of them I love.
I will also be doing 2 other shoots coming
up soon where there's a lot of water & sand lol

I have a New photo set up on my site call, 
Jessica Sweet Diva hope you all like them.
Coming soon is Fitness Jessica and more
T-Shirts along with some New Posters also.
Next on the site will be Sex Kitten Jess 2
I know you have been waiting for more videos
I will get them up shortly on the site soon.

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Ok have to go finish packing for Miami.
Thank you all for the love and support.

Now Remember:
Make Your Smile Change The World
but don't let the world change you smile

Jessica Xoxo
Amazing Week
August 7, 2013

Well I know it's been a few days since I've blogged.
I was just getting a little rest from all the fun I was
having from my birthday week. First I want to thank
all of you who wished me Happy Birthday on twitter,
instagram and facebook. I really appreciate all the
love and support from everyone. XOXOXO

Now I had a dinner with a few of my friends, which I
really enjoyed. Was a lot of fun and I even got a new
bikini which I will wear in one of my shoots coming up.
I also would like to give shout out to
Thank you for everything, love all of my new gifts from you.
Next there was a gift Spa day at The Four Seasons Hotel.
Enjoyed every minute of it, needed this so much lol
Thursday was  My Bday Celebration at Club #Playhouse.
It's was amazing and they made me such a beautiful cake.
Partied all night and enjoy it, thanks to #Playhouse for everything.

This week I also did a music video shot by #NewGateFilms
On set was fun and a pleasure working with them. When
the video comes out you will see me in some sexy lingerie.
You can see a few behind the scene photos on my

Alright what's new on the site is my photo set Jessica Canizales Sweet Sensation
I also have sets coming soon Sweet Diva, The Sexy Leo, and Sexy Kitten Jess 2
Promise you updates will start being a little faster just been so busy with work.
Plus the link will be up for my T-shirts very soon also. You can still order posters
and I will be having more posters available from some of my classic shoots soon.
My magazines from my June Cover with Koncept Magazine will be in my store
soon were you can order an autograph copy. I also will be working on Iphones
and other cellphone covers for you guys to have me on your phones too. lol

Sex Kitten Jess 2

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and on Instagram
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Ok have to go but for all of my Miami Fans I will be there working soon.
I hope to see some of you, maybe even do a party for those who couldn't
celebrate my Bday here in LA.. You never know what's next so stay tune.

Always Remember:
Love those who love you for being you
Smile at those who want to always hurt you
and never change who you are just to please
someone for their own selfish reasons.
Do things that make you happy and the right
people who really care about you, will want
to share with you, that happiness.

Jessica Xoxo

Good Morning Sunday!!
July 21, 2013
Good Morning Sunday!! Morning Everyone, It's Sunday and a great day in LA. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. My week started 
off by shooting an ad campaign for BMR Nutrition Company. 
They made me the New BMR Angel, I was so excited. 
We shot the Ad at Malibu Lagoon, and I got to shoot with 
a Hot male model name Ako Rahim also. I even shot on a 
boogie board and everyone from the BMR Staff was so nice,
I enjoyed working with them every minute I was there. 
Here's the link to see a behind the scenes video on my 
Youtube channel JessicaCanizalesVIP  

Now for you girls that wanted to know about my bikini, it's from Hot Miami Styles in these clips of the video. I also want to thank everyone who has been supporting the Ad and giving me all the nice compliments. Xoxo I have been working non stop and the Ad is out now. Also I just found out this Ad will be all over Europe everywhere. I'm so happy and excited at the same time hearing that.

Now I am packing for France, and it's for both work and play. I'm doing another photo shoot, and then meeting up with 2 of my girlfriends who will be out there to celebrate with me my birthday. That's right my birthday on July 30th and I better get a lot, I mean a lot of happy birthdays for all of you guys. lol Write me, tweet me, Facebook me and even tag me on my Instagram lol. It's been a year since I last went to France so I am so excited that I will be there for my birthday with my friends. I promise to have a few selfies for you. When I come back from France, I start working on my 2014 Calendar. I am shooting my Calendar with Celebrity Photographer Shannon Jankula of she is amazing and I have a few sets coming soon to the site, so you can all see more of her work. My twitter Avi Beauty photo is shot by Shannon and I love it. Also my T-shirts will be up this week for you all to buy and don't forget about my posters which are available to buy now 
too everyone. I have more photos sets coming like the Sex Kitten Jess Part II, 
and more videos for all of you to enjoy.

Please make sure you all follow on twitter
along with Liking My Only 2 Official Facebook Fan Pages 
Also Keep Checking my Youtube channel JessicaCanizalesVIP

Alright I have to go, time sure flies when you're having fun.
I enjoy and thank you all for the support and wonderful comments.

Your mind is a powerful thing.
When you fill it with positive thoughts
your life will start to change.

Jessica Xoxo
My 4TH of July
July 9, 2013

My 4th Of July!!

Well hello you guys, how have you been?
I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July. Mine was great, 
I had so much fun for my 4th of July, because my parents came to LA.
I miss them so I was so excited they came to visit me. Since I didn't get 
to see my dad for Father's Day I wanted to make it up to him and take him 
around to see a little bit of LA. He loved it. My Mom was happy because
she get's to do her home cooking for me. Plus this is the 1st time they
both get to get to meet my new addition to the family London. We all went to 
the movies and saw the new Jamie Fox and Channing Tatum movie, it was good 
go see it... My family and I also had a taco night, we watched movies while we 
made taco's. It was so much fun spending time with them, we ended the 4th of July 
by going to the beach to watch the fireworks. I was sad when my parents had 
to leave, but I enjoyed every minute they were here.

Now let me tell you guys I have a shoot coming up with a Nutrition Company
and I am real excited about this shoot. I'm shooting with a great fitness 
photographer, plus  this will be an ad campaign, you will see it everywhere, 
so exciting! I also have a few other exciting jobs coming up, 
but I can't mention them to you yet. Now soon my store will have T-shirts 
and Posters for all of you to purchase this week. I have been working on this 
and waiting for the right time to set this up. I only want the best for my fans 
and that's I waited to do it. The T-shirts will be in many colors for you to 
choose from. Photos are from new shoots and from some of my classic shoots 
as well. I will be having more shirts soon for you to buy with many different styles 
but I thought this was a great way to begin for my first T-shirts. There will be 
T-shirts coming to my store for you ladies also, along with Tank Tops.
Exciting Posters will be added to my store as well, one of the 1st ones is from 
my classic shoot in a Wet T-shirt done in a pool. I will bring you many different 
posters from my shoots, just trying to give you guys many of the items you often 
ask me for when you write me on facebook and twitter.

Starting to make plans for my 2014 Calendar so stay tune, because this one is 
going to be shot by a Celebrity Photographer. Their photos are amazing and I'm 
very happy they're shooting me. I have a few updates coming to the site, New Videos 
and Photo Sets. I will also have a New Homepage look coming soon as well, so I hope 
you all will let me know how you like the new look. Keep following me on twitter 
and like my facebook fans pages. I want to thank all of you  that have been liking
my JessicaCanizalesVIP Fanpage and my Xxotic Angels Fanpage with over 
300,000 Likes. One you get to see all of my selfies and personal side, while the 
other you see more of what's coming here to the site.

Please follow me on twitter

and on Instagram

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Xxotic Angels  XxoticAngelsFacebookFanPage

Keep Checking out my Youtube channel JessicaCanizalesVIP

Got to go now, so I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Always Remember
that your present situation
is not your
final destination.
Your best is yet to come.

Jess Xoxo
My amazing week
June 24, 2013

Good Evening My Friends!!

How was your weekend everyone?

This week and weekend went by so fast. lol

Mines was great and I am even more

excited for next weekend for a trip

I'll be taking soon....

First let's start from last weekend since

it's been awhile that we have talked lol

I shot with an amazing photographer Damir K.

Photo that he sent me was amazing.

Next I attended an event where Kandy Magazine

was there at a new restaurant opening.

Food was amazing and of course me and my friend

couldn't help but taken photos lol

This week started with me doing a little decorating of

one of my girlfriends room in the middle of the week and she love it.

Thursday was dinner and fun with my lades at Emerson.

We also went to Katsuya lots of good times there too.

Next day I went to enjoy the nice LA weather by the pool.

I also had to hit the gym and get my workout in these week.

Along with running on Venice beach so I always look good

for you guys to keep you coming here lol. Saturday was fun

when me and my ladies went to Create and Rave to see the performance

of the Amazing Armin van Buuren. Such a great performer,

we had so much fun that night. I wore my dress from amazing

from Shopfashiontherapy.... Love my dress too much...Xoxo

My New Photo Sets are up Jessica Canizales The Lioness

and Hot Girl Jessica I also have coming soon photos sets
Jessica The Bikini Beauty and Jessica Sweet Sensation.
I know you all will love those photos I shot them with John Neyrot

and Tommy of BikiniTeamtv...

Jessica The Bikini Beauty

Please follow me on twitter

and on

along with my Only Facebook Fan Page

Keep Checking out my Youtube channel JessicaCanizalesVIP

Well I have to go and start my day now.
I hope you all have a great week ahead of you.

Remember to:

Always pray to have eyes that

see the best in people,

a heart that forgives the worst,

a mind that forgets the bad,

and a soul that never loses

faith in God.

Love Jessica Xoxo

Exciting Friday!!
June 14, 2013
Morning Everyone,
First let me thank all of you for always being supportive of me.
I appreciate all the love each and everyday you all give me.
Now I have been shooting new stuff like crazy for you guys
and it soon will be up on the site. I also did a shoot for a
submission to a magazine can't tell you which magazine yet.
Along with a test shoot for Celebrity Photographer Camilo Him.
Today I am going to shoot with photographer Damir and l am
so excited for this shoot. Also I will be going to an opening to
a new restaurant in Beverly Hills for Steve Fowler. I'm a happy about
this one because I get to see one of my Playmate friends Hiromi..
This whole day is going to be fun and exciting for me.

I have a new video up on my Youtube Channel
Jessica Canizales Sweet Sensation preview and on my site here there's a clips video 
from my shoot with Koncept Magazine..Also new sets are up Jessica Canizales Hotties
and I have up Jessica Canizales Soaking Wet. I have coming up 
Jessica Canizales The Lioness and Hot Girl Jessica for all of you soon 
to enjoy seeing. New video also coming soon called I'm A Bad Chick My Name Jessica preview 
I'm excited for you to see.There's more exciting things coming up that you 
just have to check back here to found out.

Please follow me on twitter
along with my Only Facebook Fan Page

Ok I hope everyone also have a exciting day along 
with an great weekend, and all of my fans that are fathers have
a wonderful Father's Day!!

Love Jessica Xoxo

June 1, 2013

Hope all of you are having a great weekend.
Just wanted to let you guys catch up with
what's been happening with me the past week.
Well first for Memorial Weekend I went to Vegas!!
Yes me and all my crew were in Vegas having fun.
Of course you know I had to be at the pool because
it involves wearing a bikini lol I got to catch up with
so many of my girlfriends it really was so much fun.
I couldn't stay long though because I had a shoot with
the amazing celebrity photographer Isaiah Mays
It was only a test shoot but we got some great shots.
I posted a preview on my twitter page
If you are not following me, what are you waiting for? Follow Me!! lol
You will see some of the Vegas photos of me and my girlfriends too.
Also you can see me on my Only Facebook Page JessicaCanizalesVIP you can see what's coming soon
also check out my Instagrarm @30_jessjess for photos as well.

Ok now let me tell you guys that I'm on the New Cover Of Koncept Magazine!!
You can pick up the issue with me and see all of the Hot photos I did.
Order Yours Now Here Let me know how you guys
like the issue because I love it...

Well I have to go all of my doggies are barking to go for a walk now..
but remember "Communication is the key!!"
A lot of problems would disappear
if we talked to each other, instead of talking about each other

Love Jessica Xoxo
Updates on my shoots
May 18, 2013

Hope your day is Amazing!!

I have been so busy with work, but I wanted
to tell all of you what I have been up to lately.
First I have been working and working lol.
I just did 2 exciting shoots and I hope you all will
love the new exciting photos when they come out.
I first shot with Eric Gea last Saturday
and that was a fun shoot, we did some amazing shots.
I also shot a few videos you all will enjoy also.
Makeup was done by Jessica Quezada MakeupbyJQ
Next shoot on Tuesday was with Shannon Jankula
She was amazing too. I did a few dresses provided by
Ali Levine Design and she had some beautiful pieces
I love them all. The lingerie I wore for both shoots was from so I hope you guys love it..

This weekend gets started off with working out with
my partner in crime, who also is celebrating her birthday.
So more girlfriends are coming out to celebrate with her.
I also have a test shoot coming up with Isaiah Mays.
I love his work and am excited to work with him.
Also on my site soon Jessica The Bomb Shell and
Jessica Goddess will be coming.

I have to go now and start my workout.
Hope everyone have a good weekend.

Also remember it's nice to be important,
but it's more important to be nice

Love Jessica Xoxo

Upcoming shoots!!
May 4, 2013

Having Fun This Weekend

The weekend is  here, yes!!!
now I will enjoy this one because I need it.
Hope you guys are going to enjoy yours as well.
Just got back from New York my 3rd home.
Was there working, doing a few photo shoots and
I got to see a friends and family. Though it was
a short visit it was a lot of fun. Now I'm back
in LA preparing for my up coming shoots.
with some amazing photographers. Like
Shannon Jankula, Isaiah Mays, and Eric Gea
and I am so excited to work with them all.

Now let me update you all on what's coming soon
to my site that I know you will enjoy. I have coming
the set Jessica Sexy Dreams, Jessica On The Beach,
More Jessica Please, Jessica Canizales The Lioness,
Jessica The Hot Girl, Jessica Fun with Girlfriend,
Jessica The Bombshell, and Goddess Jessica.
All of these are coming this month for you all.

Well I hope you all have an amazing weekend.
I have the start getting ready for my day.
Big Birthday party I will be at for one of my girlfriends.
Yes will be lots of fun tonight seeing everyone.

Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing,
and your attitude when you have everything.

Love Jessica Xoxo

Had A Good Week
April 21, 2013

Hello Guys, 
How is everyone weekend going so far?
Mines is good and I have a new member to 
added to my family his name is London.
Yes I have a new puppy and I am so in love with
him you all would be too. When I first saw him
I just couldn't resist wanting to have him. lol
Also a few days ago  I went to the Lakers game and
it was so much fun. We don't have Kobe for
the rest of the season, but the guys played 
hard and we won an exciting game. We are
now in the playoffs. #Lakers

Ok I have a new YouTube channel called JessicaCanizalesVIP
Here's the latest video preview for you to enjoy and don't forget to
subscribe to my channel everyone. More videos will becoming of
what's coming to my site in the future.

I have new sets going up soon Like Jessica Body Heat, Jessica Canizales Sexy Pink 2 
and Jessica Canizales Sexy Micro Bikini 2 some never seen before photos of that set.
Up now is Jessica Canizales Made In Brazil, Sweet Jess, JessicaCVIP Hot Nights
and a classic from my Dream shoot called Dream Girl Jess.
I hope you enjoy all of the sets and keep coming back for more.

Well I have to go for now but until next time
Stay sweet and always smile

Love Jessica Xoxo

April 6, 2013

 My 2 weeks in Miami

It's a beautiful day in LA and I hope you all
are enjoying the day just like I am. So glad
the weekend is here, but before I go enjoy it
I first need to let you guys know what's going
on with me and my adventures lol

Well just got back from a 2 week vacation from Miami
yes my second home and it's always fun. This time
there was so much going on there. My girlfriends and I
met for a big brunch that was too much fun. We were
taking pictures and catching up on what's been going on
with each other since the last time we saw one another.
The beach and the pool is where I was working on my tan.
Of course I spent time with my family and was eating
all of my mother's food. lol Did you all enjoy your Easter?
I sure did, it's always great spending Easter with my family.
I did some shopping and I also did a photo shoot with a
few videos for all of you guys. I shot with the amazing
John Neyrot and BikiniTeamtv. It was so much fun, I think we
shot for 10 hours lol I have some beautiful photos on the beach
coming in sexy bikinis that I know you will all love on the site soon.
Also guys to let you all know I have a Youtube channel coming soon.
Be on the look out for it and also I have more Hot New sets
coming up like Sweet Jess, Jessica C VIP Hot Nights, and up
now is Sex Kitten Jess along with Jessica Canizales PB Vixens
which are classic photos never been seen on the internet of my
publish Vixens shoot with Playboy magazine.

Well I hope you guy enjoy your weekend.
Again Thanks for all of the love and support
you guys keep giving me. Thanks for all the
sweet words and gifts, you all are so wonderful..

Please remember:
A Simple Hello
Could Lead To
A Million Things

Love Jessica Xoxo

March 15, 2013

The Blog Is Back!!!

Yes My Blog Is Back!! I had my items for sale
on my blog for the moment.

Hello Everyone!! It's Friday and the Weekend is Here!!
How have all of you been? I been doing good just been so busy.
Well to keep you updated with me. I was in Japan for a week and
had so much fun. I went to the Oscars and was on the red carpet.
I also just went to the last Swedish House Mafia  concert in LA
with all of my girlfriends. I been going to a lot of castings and also
have been working on my site adding new photo sets for all of you guys.
 I Also added to my site  my New Store so now I have the blog back
to write to all of you again, lol. I know you've missed me because I have
missed all of you just as much.. Well I just wanted to let you know it's
family time for me again, so I am on my way to Miami!! Yeah!! lol
Yes I am going to be with my family and friends for a little while just
to refresh myself and have some fun. I promise to take pics for you guys.

Enjoy all of the New Photos Sets, and I have a few new ones coming soon:
Like Sex Kitten Jess, and Jessica Canizales Hot Nights!! You all gonna love those.
So visit my store also I will be adding more items on there like posters soon.

Have a great weekend and remember to smile
Love Jessica Xoxo

New Store Is Now Up
March 1, 2013
Hello Everyone,
I have a "New Store" section  that's up now.
So anything that was here if you still want
to purchase it, you can now go there.
I soon will have new posters available also
So stay tune and for all of the support you give.

Thank You
Love Jessica Canizales Xoxo
Jessica Canizales Official Calendar 2013
December 23, 2012

Here Is My Calendar For 2013!!
Now You Can Have 12 Months Of Me On Your Wall
Or In Your Office All Year!!
It's $24.99 So Order Yours Before Their All Out!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
Love Jessica Xoxo
December 22, 2012
What You Would Like Signed
December 22, 2012
What You Would Like Signed
December 20, 2012
Jessica CanizalesPrints1 (U.S. Only)
What You Would Like Signed
December 19, 2012
Jessica Canizales Prints1(Not In U.S.)
What You Would Like Signed
My Autograph Prints2
December 18, 2012
Jessica Canizales VIP Prints2(U.S. Only)
What You Would Like Signed

Not In U.S.

Jessica Canizales VIP Prints2(Not In U.S.)
What You Would Like Signed
Holiday Cheers
November 26, 2012
Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Well Christmas Is Almost Here!!
Are you guys ready for it? Did you start your
shopping yet or you do last minute shopping like me? lol
When ever you go make sure you all be safe and enjoy
the time you spend with your love ones this holiday season.
I will be with my family and can't wait for Christmas to get here.
I always get excited during this time just as if I'm still little lol
I love decorating the Christmas tree putting the Angel on top
and adding all the lights around it. I hope it snows this year too.
Well I will be adding pictures of me for you guys to purchase along
with a Calendar so you can celebrate by having me on your wall this 2013.
All the prices will be listed accordingly for each item through Paypal.
Also a few of you wanted to know where you can send me gifts 
and I appreciate all the love with support you guys give me. 
I will leave my P.O. Box if you will like to send me gift cards from 
my favorite stores. I am including a list of the stores I like. 
H&MVictoria Secrets, Nordstroms , BCBG,  Mac Makeup , Saks or if 
you're not sure send a gift card where I can go to any store.

My P.O. Box Address

Jessica Canizales
P.O. Box 8424A
Santa Monica Blvd #781
W. Hollywood, CA 90069

Thanks Guys Have A Happy Holiday!!
Love Jessica Xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving
November 21, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi Everyone, are all of you ready for Thanksgiving?
Well I am cause I can't wait to eat, but this Thanksgiving
I will be at a NFL Football game, how exciting is that?
Me and one of my girlfriends are going, so it's hot dogs
and beer while watching a good NFC East Rivalry game...
I promise to take lots of pics for you guys and post them
on my facebook and twitter. I also added a new set on my site 
called Jessica Aqua Blue Love, with a classic video from my earlier days 
of shooting with Playboy check them out. There's a new shoot I
will be doing for a magazine at the end of the month. There will
be a video for that also, I'll keep you posted on when it's coming out.
I will have a Calender and 8x10's soon to sell on my site for any of
you who have been asking for them. I hear you and I am working on
getting that done for you all. Now I also want to thank all of you that
have been leaving me comments on my photos. I have been very
busy, but little by little I have taken time to read them, and I will
try and read them all to catch up with all of you guys. You all mean
the world to me and I appreciate all the support you are giving me.

Ok I need to be off to the gym for a quick workout before Thanksgiving 
so I can eat all I want without thinking about it lol
Again All Of You Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love Jessica Xoxo
I'm Back Home LA
November 12, 2012
Happy Veteran's Day

I first would like to thank everyone
in the service for keeping our country
and the other countries safe.

Thank You All So Much Jessica Canizales Xoxo

Also please let's not forget all the people in
New York and New Jersey that has lost everything
or still have no power yet. My heart and prayers goes 
out to all of you and I hope things get better for you soon.

Now how have all of my friends been? 
I have been traveling so much now it's time 
for me to get ready for the holidays coming up.
Also time to get back to the gym for me too.
This weekend I took my dogs to the doggie park
and they had so much fun.. They missed their
Mama just has much as I've missed them too.
While I was in Miami I did an event with my girls 
that was fun and spent time with my family also.
I got to cook for them as well which I love to do
when I come to Miami and be with them.
I love my family time, but now I am back in LA.
It's time for a little rest before my magazine shoot
coming up later this month. I also have more sets
coming up this month with videos that are some classics.
You guys love them so why not have everything of me
in one place for you to see all of me...

Well enjoy your week everyone and thank you for
all the support you guys keep giving me.
Love Jessica Xoxo

Two Cities I Love To Visit And Work
November 1, 2012
New York And Miami 

Hello guys
First let me say I hope everyone in New York
and New Jersey are safe after Hurricane Sandy..
I was so worried about my brother and his wife
and all my girlfriends over there. I understand a few
a them still doesn't have power yet, and I'm hoping
that they get it soon...My manager just got his power
on and his family is safe I was happy to hear too... I had
a photo shoot along with an event that was wonderful 
and just left New York on that Saturday right before the storm it....
Again make sure all of you stay warm if you don't have any power yet.

So after New York I went to an Halloween party in Miami.
I love my city always having so much fun with family and friends.
For Halloween I was a French Maid!! What was your costume? lol
I had such a great time with all of my girlfriends at the Halloween party.
Now I am spending time with my family and get to eat more of my
Moms cooking yeah for me lol... I am going to spend a little time
here in Miami and will be doing a few shoots while I'm down here also 
I have an event also that I am hosting next Tuesday at Kitchen 305 
so come see me if you're in Miami next week...I also will have 4 photo
sets going up this week...Hope you enjoy them all!!

Well it's Bed Time for me...Take care and Sweet Dreams Everyone!!

Love Jessica Xoxo

This Tuesday Nov. 6th Come And See Me Here
At Kitchen 305
This Past Weekend's Fun
October 20, 2012

Hi to all of my loving fans, hope you all
are being good and having fun in life.
This pass weekend was too much fun.
My girlfriends from Miami came last Friday
and we all had a good time. I haven't seen
some of them in awhile so it was good
to catch up with everyone. There was dinner
at Nobu where I wore this Hot red dress.
We went to a few clubs and I was just
tired on Sunday but still got to watch a
little bit of football, though at time the T.V.
was watching me sleep. lol Soon it will be
Halloween and I just got my costume, did
you get yours yet? I will make sure to post
a pic here of what my costume is for you all.

Now I also added some new photo sets to my site.
Have you seen them yet? I've added Jessica Sexy In The Sand,
Jessica Canizales Love Hot Bikinis which I do lol. There's
Jessica In Those Jeans from my New York shoot in June
and Jessica Sexy N Wild. Hope you all enjoy them because I
had fun shooting them for you. There also a new video added
to my site also called Jessica In Pink. I will have more photo sets
and videos coming soon like me in black stockings that set is
called Jessica and I have new photos from Rich Cutrone coming too.
Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments and support.
Love Jessica Xoxo
Taking Time For Myself
October 9, 2012

Hey Everyone, how are you guys?
Good I hope all of you are.. Me I am doing
just fine, wanted to take some time for myself.
I have been working so much, and traveling
that I haven't had time for my babies (my dogs) and
working out or sleeping in my wonderful bed. lol
So before I get super busy again, I am going to
go for a jog with the dogs on the beach. I have
been riding my bike, and eating out with my girlfriends.
There have been a few things I have wanted also to
take care of around my home also. Plus I get to
catch up on all of my shows I missed while I
was away, working and spending time with my family.
This week I have some new photo sets going up,
along with a video called Jessica In Pink!!
Some of my photos were shot in New York,
Florida, and LA I hope you guys will love them.
I have some more shoots planned and can't
tell you with who yet, but you guys will be
happy with what I am wearing on these shoots. lol

Well I have to go, but remember always show others kindness.
Because you never know who will do the same for you when you need it.

Love Jessica Xoxo
September 27, 2012

From Brazil To New York!!

Hey Everyone, I hope every is doing well since I have been away.
I was in Brazil for a week visiting my family and had such
a wonderful time. We hiked together and went clubbing.
I sent time in my country and just enjoyed it all. Love my family
and all the time I get to spend with them. I also ate so much lol
My Grandma, Auntie and Mom, cooked so much food I thought
I was going to pop open from eating lol My Cousins I had so much fun
going out with them, they're all so beautiful and handsome I love them all.

My next stop was New York the city that never sleeps lol
I can agree with that saying, cause I didn't sleep to much there. lol
Once I got there all of my girlfriends seem to be there at the
same time with me lol We went to Toy and Lava, I also went
to a few sports bars to watch football and eat wings lol.
It wasn't all fun, I also had to work and my manager made sure
that I stay focus with what I came to New York to do.
We work on my site, then I had a amazing shoot with Rich Cutrone.
I love shooting with him the photos always come out great.
Next was a Go-See with INKED magazine, they were very nice.
Showed me their magazines and told me what issues of theirs
they like featuring models like me in. Wish me luck to be in
INKED magazine everyone. There were a few other meetings
and I will keep you guys informed with everything happening with me.
Also I have 2 new photo sets up Jessica In The Pool and Jess N Boots.
Please check them out and leave me comments on my twitter or
facebook about how you love them..I also have Jessica Wet going up today.

Well I have to go, my dogs missed me and I have to give them
some of my love because I missed them just has much.
Until next time everyone of you be good...

Love Jessica Xoxo
September 8, 2012

Hello all of my friends,
sorry for the delay been very busy.
I am getting ready for my long trips to Brazil and then New York.
How was all you guys Labor Day Weekend? Mines was good,
I was just relaxing for most of it. I hung out with a few friends
but also I was shopping because of my trips coming up.
I am going to be shooting in New York and I am so excited.
I think you guys will be too. lol I also went to the beach with
my dogs and yes I had to work out for I just love the gym.
I am also so excited to see all of my family back home in Brazil.
My Mom will be there too, so I get to spend more time with her yeyy..
I haven't been there in so long, can't wait it's only a few days until I leave.
I have been adding new Hot photos to my site, hope all of you have
been checking it out, and if you haven't what are you waiting for? lol
Now let me take time to thank all of you for all of the comments and support.
You all are so wonderful and amazing. I love you all. I will continue to
keep giving you more and more hot sexy photos and videos of me.
Well I have to go now, but please keep leaving me comments I do
see them all and I try my best to reply to has many as I can.
Oh and are you glad Footballs Back? lol
I love Football and will be watching this Sunday...

Enjoy your weekend everyone
Love Jessica Xoxo

Family time
August 28, 2012

Family Time

Hello all my lovely fans and supporters, my weekend
was with my family in Idaho for my cousin's wedding.
It was wonderful, she made a lovely and beautiful bride.
I got to spent time with my mommy, I love my mommy.
Got to see my brother and my grandmother too.
She made me her horchata, which is the best in the world!!!
It's always great to see my family, some who I haven't seen
for a minute now, we had such a good time...We went hiking
together, I always love hiking and it was fun to do it with my family.
On another note I will be going back to where I was born to see
my auntie and others in my family.. Yes I am going to Brazil!!
Me and my mommy are going, yeah I get more time with my mom..
I haven't been to Brazil in so long, I am so excited to see my hometown.
From there is part 2 to New York!! Yes the Big Apple!! I get to see
my brother and a few of my friends. I will also be working, I am doing
too shoots for my site I also get
to see my manager Ron Jiggs of Xxotic Angels... I'm always excited
when we do projects together. He has me set up for a go-see with
a magazine that's on newsstands today...For those that don't know
a go-see is a test shoot with a interview. I also will be adding more
Hot photos and some more videos of me, some you've never seen
before because they have been posted. I have uploaded a new video
on my site from the previews you may have seen on twitter or facebook
in my purple bikini, which I know some of you think it's blue lol
I will also will be adding a new set of my shoot with AngryMoon.
Plus some of my classic shoots I will be uploading soon, which ones
you ask? Well you will have to check back and see which classic
set of photos will be waiting for Now let me thank all of
you that have given me many compliments on my photos and videos.
Please if you have any ideas for feature shoots that you would love
to see on my site don't be afraid to let me know. I love all you guys
so share we me what you like to see please...

Time for me to go, need to go play me my babies lol I love my dogs
Love Jessica Xoxo

My Weekend
August 20, 2012

Hey Everyone,
How was your weekend? Good I hope, 
and that it was fun and safe. What about mines you ask?
Well yes I a had a good weekend with lots of fun.
No gym but I went running on the beach. Of course you
know I went to the pool with my girls. Then later I had 
more good times with friends hanging out at another place
just to chill. I also went shoping for my upcoming shoot
with this amazing photographer Ariel. This week a new set
that was shoot by will be upload, have you
seen my preview video of the shoot yet? Please tell me yes,
if not what are you guys waiting for? lol 
Here's the link Jessica Canizales VIP BTS Preview 3
If you have seen it please let me know by commenting on the video, 
or my Facebook  JessicaCanizalesVIP , or on my twitter @JessicaC_VIP
The full video will be available soon and will be on my website
Again keep checking out my site for more Hot and Sexy things that I do
and I want to thank all of you for the support and love you give me..
Have a great week, be safe and remember to enjoy life..
Love Jessica Xoxo

August 12, 2012
My Wonderful Week

Sunday was the start of a wonderful week. I went to the pool
with my girls at SLS. It was so much fun. Love being in the sun
by the pool, laughing and just have a good time. Then I had an
amazing shoot with AngryMoon.Net there's also a BTS video
from this shoot also coming soon for you guys to see me working.
I shot from bikini's to fashion and am very happy with all the photos
that came from this shoot. I tweeted a video still photo for you to see.
These sets will go on my site and
I can't wait till you all see them and comment on them. I had a meeting
this week for to be a host and will keep you updated if I got the job, so
you will know where it is to come out and see me.(Wish me Luck)
Thursday I went to BOA for a good and close friend of mines birthday.
We had such a good time celebrating her birthday. When all of us
girls go out we enjoy getting to see each other, having dinner and
then going to a spot to laugh and drink...Friday I went to the OC to
visit my girlfriend who's about to have a baby soon. I am so happy
for her and it's always good when we see each other, we're always
laughing and catching up to see what's going on between us two. lol
Now for to know what's happening this weekend you have to come
back next week lol I can let you know that on Monday I have a
Hot photo shoot with photographer ARIEL who is amazing and I am
so excited about this shoot because he's shot my best friend before
and her photos were Hot!! So it's time for shopping!! Love bikini shopping lol
For I get to shoot in hot outfits for all of you guys which I love to do. lol

Well time for me to go, hope you all have a fun,
safe and wonderful weekend.

Love Jessica Xoxo

My Birthday
August 3, 2012
I have a great weekend leading up to my birthday.
It all started on Thursday and quickly went full
steam ahead towards the weekend. Thursday
was dinner with a few of my friends that already
live in LA!! Friday it was lunch and then dinner
with a few of my girls. Saturday I went out with
a few close friends and then Sunday is when  
it really got crazy lol Everyone came into to
town to celebrate my birthday with me lol
Good times with Good people is what I wished
for and that's what I got. Monday my actual
birthday I just wanted to sleep to recoup form
the weekend lol I want to thank you all for the
birthday wishes and gifts, you all are Amazing!!
I will have a few pics to share with you from
my birthday weekend. Now this week I also shot
with the amazing I loved
shooting with them. Can't wait for you to see all
the Hot pics I shot for you guys. I know that you
will love them like I do. I will also have a video for
you.Also soon the BTS video from my shoot in
New York will be up on my site as well. Please
leave me feed back on what you guys like, because  
I love hearing from you all. This week I am also being
fitted for a dress to a friends wedding. I love wedding
they're so romantic, has you all know I a romantic
type of girl lol Well it's gym time have to working
on this body to keep it hot for all of you. lol

Have a great weekend
Love Jessica Xoxo
Back on my Grind
July 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home!!
Well I've been home for a week, and have been busy ever since.
I'm back to my regular work outs at the gym. Also glad to be
spending time with all of my babies, happy to be with my dogs.
Just relaxing and enjoying some me time while I watch movies
and catching up to all a my favorite TV shows. I have been going
out to a few dinners with my girlfriends has we talk about what I
want to do for my Big Day coming up this weekend. Yes my Birthday
is the 30th of July...I hope to get a Happy Birthday wish from all of you.
I haven't really decided what I am going to do yet, but all my friends
I will be going out with so it's nothing but Fun Fun Fun!!
Let me now thank all of you for the support and love you have been
giving me everyday. I appreciate it so much and are planning more
shoots for you, so you can see more Hot photos of me.
Also want to thank all of those who waited patiently has my site
was being fixed, but now it's working all almost all my sets are up.
Ok I must go now but I will post a few photos from what I do on
my birthday for you guys to see.

Hope everyone has an amazing day and a fun weekend.
Love Jessica Xoxo

Home sweet Home
July 21, 2012

I'm Home Everyone!!!
Yes feels good to be back in LA!! I missed my dogs.
I was in Miami for a few days. I spent some time
with family and friends. I always enjoy spending time
with my family in Miami. I get to have my Mom's cooking,
along with going out to dinner as well. I went to one of my
favorite places to eat with my best friend Ericka, which was
Mr Chow eating there I always love. lol Now when I am in Miami a few
of my girlfriends and I always go out to a few places to catch up.
We went to Bazaar which is always fun. There was SLS where all
of us got to wear our hot bikini's. Yes it was good but now it's time
for me to get back to the gym and work. I have new photos for my
site coming this week, and I would like to apologize to everyone
about my site and the problems you've been having viewing some sets.
My webmaster is working on it to get it back running for you guys.
I promise to make it up to all of you with more hot photos only
seen on here and nowhere else. Thanks for your patience everyone.

Well got to go the gym is calling me lol
You all are amazing, enjoy the rest of your week.
Love Jessica Xoxo

vacation to france
July 11, 2012

Viva La France!!!

My trip to France was Amazing!!
I wish I could of took you all with me. I went with my sister Nayer.
We had so much fun. I was in St. Tropez and everyone
was so nice and friendly. You know I had to go to the beach,
which is my favorite place. lol On Nikki Beach was so beautiful,
water and sand is so nice and clear. This city St. Tropez was
so beautiful take a look at all of the photos I'm posting for you
all to see how amazing everything here is. I can't even tell you
about the food, I glad I didn't have any photo shoots there. lol
I eat so much and tried everything lol I ate brunch and dinner,
then went to only a few places out like the city attractions
and the clubs but they stay open pass 5am in the morning lol
I celebrated the fourth in France,and they had fire works and everything..
I hope you guys enjoy my pics of my trip from France.

On my site I have uploaded New Sets from the Amazing!! Wild Card photo.
I love them and I hope you all will love them too. I have more photos coming
for all of you to see, like my new sets with photographer Michael Abrams.
We shot them when I was in New York, which I will be back to very soon.
Well I have to go because Miami is calling my name. Going to visit family
and friends, so that means more fun and food before I go back to

Take care and thank you everyone for the love and support you keep giving me.
I appreciate everyone of you, hope you all have an amazing week and weekend.
Love Jessica Xoxo
June 28, 2012

Hello Everyone!! How are you guys doing,
did you miss me like I've missed you?
Well I went to New York, The Big Apple,
home of a lot of famous people and great pizza lol
I went there to do a autograph signing event for charity.
I was also excited that a lot of my friends were doing
this event with me also and I also got to see my brother.
I love my brother it was great spending time with him.
I also (thanks to a special friend of mine) got to go on
the new york subway for the first time lol There's so
much you have to learn and watch on the subway,
cause you can get lost real fast. lol I will come back so
I can learn more and walk around the city to see more.

Ok so my first day in New York I did a luncheon signing
at the restaurant Mother Kelly's in Long Island, New York.
The food was great first I have to tell you. lol I was signing
a few pictures for Autograph World both were very nice guys.
I also met Holly Huddleston and Molly Shea the Olly Girls
from Sunset Tan show on the E network they are beautiful.
Then some of my fans came to meet me, and I have to give
a special shout out to some fans that came from Brooklyn, Ny
They came in the rain and 2 hour traffic just to see me.
So Cathie Sapienza and Suzan Sciametta I thank you both for
coming out to see me and bring me gifts Everyone if you get
the chance go and check out Suzan Sciametta jewelry shop.
Here's her shop page Suzan Sciametta Cuff Couture
I was also suppose to go on the LIU radio station for an interview
with Alan Seltzer host of The Rock Show but the heavy rain storm
wouldn't allow it plus the station's power went out. I promise
my New York fans when I return I will be on the show for you.

On Saturday the night of the event, I got to meet some more
of my fans, old friends, girlfriends and some of the hottest Playmates,
and Cybergirls for Playboy!! I got to catch up with Angelica Bridges,
Hiromi Oshima and Rachelle Wilde.I met Vanessa Goodmanson,
Kimberly Spicer, Kylie Johnson, Nikki Ziering, Jessica Burciaga, Susie Feldman,
also met Vida Guerra and Cyber Girl Of The Year Leanna Decker who were
all very sweet & nice. NOW the food was of of this world to much to name but i ate it lol
Sunday I did a shoot with Michael Abrams Photography for my site.
Stay tune the photos are going to be amazing.
Well I have to go now but don't forget to check out my
new photo set by Justin Macala let me know how much
you enjoy me in black lingerie haha
I hope you all have a great week and a better weekend.
Until next time everyone be safe.
Love Jessica Xoxoxo


My week
June 9, 2012
Hey Everyone, how are all of my friends?
Good I hope and enjoying life... I have been doing good myself..
Getting ready for my trip to New York. Are any of you coming
to see me June 23rd? Well I hope so, cause I am excited to see you.
If you haven't got your tickets yet here's the link
Come get a picture signed by me or even take a pic with me...
Yesterday I had a great dinner with my girlfriend Angelica Bridges
We laugh and had drinks catching up on things going on with us
and I found out she will be at the event on the 23rd also...Lots of fun for us.. lol
It's good when your work also brings you fun and you get to see your friends.
I also have a new photo set up today on my site JessicaCanizalesVIP.COM
Tell me what you guys think by leaving me comments..
I will be also doing 2 new photo shoots in New York
If you guys have anything you would like me to be in don't be shy
let me know because it's very important Ito me I make you guys smile..
Thanks you all for the love and support
you wonderful people give me.
I hope you guys have a great weekend
Until next time everyone be safe.
Love Jessica Xoxoxo
memorial weekend and events
May 24, 2012
How are all you guys doing?

Good I hope and did you miss me like I missed all of you?
I had one busy week going on castings, working out, signing pics
and updating my website to make it the best for you guys..
I also had an amazing weekend, my friend Nayer of Nayer Music
came into town and we had a lots of fun catching up with each other.
We did tons of fun, like going to the pool, eating out, and attending a few parties...
After all this excitement I needed a few days to rest lol
I will be posting pics of my fun on my facebook page
So Please go and Like my page and enjoy the pics..

Like I said earlier I've updated my site
I'm also adding 2 new sets of photos soon that I hope you guys enjoy.
I'm going on a meeting to NBC for a movie, can't tell you guys yet what it's about
but I'm very excited about it and will keep you up to date on it..
I'm also excited about going to New York in June for this Breast Cancer Event.
Did you guys get your tickets yet? I would love to meet you all,
so I can thank you for all of your love and support.
I will be signing your pictures and you can also take picture with me..
He's the link for pre tickets for Autographs, Photo Op's and Bikini Op's
I also will be doing a photo shoot there in New York so you know that means
more Hot photos for you guys to enjoy..I am shooting with photographer Micheal Abrams
he just shot a celebrity from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore..
So I'm excited about this shoot...

Now I also took some me time and enjoyed walks with my dogs,
while going to the beach with a few days of running included.
I try to do has much has I can to stay fit, with a little bit of yoga
to relax my mind. You have to do that as well just like work on your body too.
I caught up on a few of my TV shows that I didn't get to watch, Yeah DVR!! lol
Memorial Day is coming up do you guys have any plans?
Who's barbecuing so I can come over and eat? lol Well I have a lot of
my girlfriends coming into town to see me...So this will be another lots
of fun weekend, with dinners and parties...and maybe a little of drinking haha

Ok got to go but remember I love you guys
and don't forget to keep checking out all my site and pages
Have a Happy Memorial Day!!
Until next time everyone be safe.
Love Jessica Xoxoxo

Coming in June
On June 22nd & 23rd I will be in New York
For Breast Cancer Charity Event.
It's at Mother Kelly's Restaurant
409 Chestnut Street
in Cedarhurst, Ny 11516

Come Out and Meet Me!!
I will be signing my pictures at the event
so bring any picture you want signed to the event.
You can also take a picture with me..
All my fans can get tickets here..
june upcoming events
May 10, 2012

Coming in June
On June 22nd & 23rd I will be in New York
For Breast Cancer Charity Event.
It's at Mother Kelly's Restaurant
409 Chestnut Street
in Cedarhurst, Ny 11516

Come Out and Meet Me!!
I will be signing my pictures at the event
so bring any picture you want signed to the event.
You can also take a picture with me..
All my fans can get tickets here..

Well I have to go now, I'm on my way to the Lakers game..
Yes has you know I'm a Big Lakers Fan!!
Thanks for all the love and support you wonderful people give me.
I hope you all have a great and amazing day.
Until next time everyone be safe.
Love Jessica Xoxoxo
mini vacation and coming up plans
May 9, 2012

Hey Guys, hope you all had an amazing weekend..
What about me you ask? Well this weekend I needed
a minnie vacation so I went to Vegas!! It was Cinco De Maya!!
The weather in Vegas was amazing and I did so much in 2 days lol
I had such a good time and enjoyed every minute..Of course I had a few drinks
for the holiday haha It's always fun meeting up with old friends
and also making new ones.I got to show off some of my hot bikini's by the pool.
Got to watch the Mayweather vs Cotto fight.. and went out to a couple of
night spots in Vegas...There's lots of pictures I'll be posting of my weekend.
So let me know what you think of my Hot girlfriends and the Hot outfits I've worn.

Also I should be getting back pictures from some of my photo shoots soon.
From Samantha Kelly photography, Photographer Justin Macala and Wild Card Photo.
Go to www.JessicaCanizalesVIP for more Hot pics!!

I also submitted pics to Lowrider and Spicy Magazine
Let them know you would like to see me in their magazine..

mini vac
Check Out My Sexy Topless Leopard Lingerie Tease!
April 8, 2012
Hi, here are some sexy lingerie pics from my latest shoot with Michael Bell!
Thanks for all the support!
April 2, 2012
Hey Guys, first I want to thank each and everyone
of you for all the support and love you've given me.

Well I'm going Miami and I love going there.
Great weather, people, and fantastic 
I have two photo shoots booked out there also..So there's work too lol
I'm going to be doing some shopping this week for bikini's,
lingerie, and a few other sexy things to wear for this photo shoot.
I try to wear things that show off my curves, but still keeping it classy
yet exciting for all of you that love my pics. I will take a few behind
the scene pics for you all as well. Please keep giving me comments on
the pics you like because I enjoy all of your comments. Also if you
like the shoes I wear let me know. I try to have hot ones with my outfits.
The 2 photographers I'm working with are amazing and I can't wait to 
show you guys when we're done. This summer is going to be amazing
for me and all of you has I keep bringing the very best to share with all of you.

Now for any fans that want me to sign anything, please send a pic or two that
you would like me to sign. I have many fans but limited time because of
my busy schedule, so I would like to give everyone a chance to get a signed pic.
Please keep it to a maximum of 3 pics thank you.

Well I have to go now. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Until next time everyone be safe.
Love Jessica Xoxo
Just Added Some New Sexy Bikini Shots
March 22, 2012
Hi, check out my new sexy bikini pics from my latest shoot with Michael Bell!